“Keep track of your working hours – super easy and convenient!”

  • Never forget to check in or out - it’s handled automatically when you come to or leave work
  • Keep track of your time balance on a daily basis
  • Tells you at what time you have filled your normal workday and can go home
  • Reminds you when it’s time for lunch and when it’s time to go back to work again
  • Split your working hours for a day on separate accounts by switching between your accounts
  • Quick overview of working hours and +/- hours per day, week and month
  • When it’s time to account for your working hours - send a mail, with a Excel sheet compiled for a week or month, to yourself or to your employer

Test a month for free! Then you can choose the package that suits you. There are packages for a month, half a year or a year. All packages are one-time purchases and not subscriptions. Support: timedocket@tonjac.org